Dr. Blasey Ford’s strongest memory of the event, a question asked by Senator Patrick Leahy,(D), was indelible in her hippocampus. It was the strongest memory of the traumatic sexual assault allegedly at the hands of Brett Kavanaugh and his accomplice Mark Judge. That memory stayed with her while others drifted. It was the memory of Brett Kavanaugh’s uproarious laughter with his friend and accomplice, Mark Judge, that made the incident more traumatic. Well, Trump reenacted that laughter at a nationally televised rally in Mississippi this week by mimicking and laughing at Dr. Blasey Ford. Unbelievable!  Can you imagine the humiliation and psychological trauma President Trump inflicted on Dr. Blasey Ford as well as other victims of sexual assault?

The FBI “investigation” report is back, and unsurprisingly it’s been leaked that there was no corroboration of Dr. Blasey’s sexual assault allegations. How could that report be an unbiased, thorough report if the main parties were not interviewed? The FBI had another two days but completed the report without questioning critical witnesses or following up on significant leads. Is that a thorough investigation?  As I said when the Republicans agreed to an FBI investigation yet approved his confirmation in the Senate Judiciary Committee, it was an investigation in name only.

You’ll be shocked to hear that the White House has already pronounced the FBI report entirely exonerating for Kavanaugh, claiming that it is now “fully confident” Kavanaugh will be confirmed.

But a lot of new reporting has now emerged that starkly illustrates just how much about the new allegations was not investigated by the FBI. It’s important to note that this probably was not a failing on the FBI’s part but rather was the result of restrictions the White House placed on the probe, a process that itself remains shrouded in disingenuous rhetorical games. (Here’s a list of people the FBI did NOT interview. Okay with this, Flake and Collins?)

Once again the President of the United States and his supporters at a Mississippi rally made fun of Dr. Blasey’s reminding her of the uproarious laughter between Bret Kavanaugh and Mark Judge at her expense. Shame on you Mr. President, shame on you!  And shame on those of you who cheered him on, that was cruel and beyond insensitive.  You retraumatized Dr. Blasey Ford as well as put a halt to other women who might have come forth.

Besides that, Trump showed his ignorance when he made fun of Dr. Ford’s gaps in memory. (Why Rape and Trauma Survivors Have Fragmented and Incomplete Memories )

These advances in our understanding of the impact of trauma on the brain have enormous implications for the criminal justice system. It is not reasonable to expect a trauma survivor – whether a rape victim, a police officer or a soldier – to recall traumatic events the way they would recall their wedding day. They will remember some aspects of the experience in exquisitely painful detail. Indeed, they may spend decades trying to forget them. They will remember other aspects not at all, or only in jumbled and confused fragments. Such is the nature of terrifying experiences, and it is a nature that we cannot ignore.

Similar to blackouts, the hippocampus is affected in a traumatic event. The hippocampus encodes short-term memory to long-term memory. Acute alcohol intoxication impairs the function of the hippocampus and can lead to blackouts or the inability to create new memories. Similarly, a severe trauma of any kind impairs the role of the hippocampus and leads to loss of some memory and the unforgettable recall of others.

Trump mocking of Dr. Ford to his electorate base showed his lack of understanding of trauma victims and his lack of empathy. Here was a moment for Trump to shine and become a leader but instead he put the politics of winning at all cost before the truth and justice. He ordered a sham FBI investigation, knowing the restrictions prevented the FBI from corroborating Dr. Blasey’s allegations.    Both the GOP and the Democrats have political motives, but that should not blind Americans to the truth about Kavanaugh’s unfitness for a lifetime position on the Supreme Court.

Americans have seen the divisiveness, corruption, and cruelty of an unfit President.  Do Americans want to experience the same from Kavanaugh, who by the way is much like Trump?  He was hand-selected for the job.  He lied in front of millions of Americans under oath, whether you call that perjury or not, he was intentionally deceitful.    A Judge should be held to a higher standard of the law.  He was not forthright at the hearing and skirted around the law when most Americans wanted to see integrity.  Kavanaugh is unfit for the position and should not be confirmed.

Trump and Republicans defended Kavanaugh’s aggressive, disrespectful partisan attacks on Democrats, the Clintons and everyone else except the Republicans at the confirmation hearing, but mocked Dr. Blasey’s humility, truthfulness, and pain.   Kavanaugh’s anger is understandable if he believed he was falsely accused.   However, a lifetime position on the Supreme Court requires a high degree of self-regulation that comes with emotional intelligence. Kavanaugh’s performance under pressure made many reasonable people question his fitness for the position.  Dr. Blasey Ford was also under pressure yet she didn’t attack Republicans or claim a conspiracy like Kavanaugh. #CancelKavanaugh

Trump Mocks Christine Blasey Ford At Mississippi Rally | TIME [HD 720p]

Note:  Revised on 9/4/18, this post combined Trump’s mocking of Dr. Blasey with a breaking New York Times report implicating Trump and his father Fred Trump in tax fraud.  The latter on revision will be shared this weekend in a separate post.

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Boof means anal sex, not fart.

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